Referral program


Create a community with the goal of retaining and attracting the workforce in the automotive industry as well as promoting quality jobs.


Redeem points to claim rewards under the current program.


Receive points for each goal achieved by a user who used your link / referral code.

Phase 1 program

Valid until June 1, 2021

Earn points


5 points

When a new user successfully registers *. They too will receive 5 points.


25% of posting cost
[ 200$ = 50 points ]

Use of your code when creating a job listing **. These receive a 25% discount on their first invoice.

Redeem your points

Use your points to claim a tier. You can claim the same level several times.


Phase 1 - Tier 1

$ 25 Amazon Gift Card


Phase 1 - Tier 2

$ 80 Amazon Gift Card

Phase 1 - Top 5

Be among the 5 people who have accumulated the most points during the Phase 1 Program and get:

  • An additional $ 100 Amazon gift card
  • A ‟Canada Motor Jobs Ambassador” badge, on your profile
  • A special mention on our social networks

A valid registration must:

  • Be a new user (person)
  • Complete the experiences and skills sections
  • Have at least one job alert
  • Validate your email address

Applicable to an employer who has never used our services.

Other program rules

We set up a referral program in good faith and we expect the same good faith in return from our users. Please note that we reserve the right to withdraw any prizes awarded if we believe users are acting in bad faith or in a manner contrary to the purpose of our program.

In summary, the marketing, advertising, publication, large-scale distribution, sale or use of referral links for payment is inappropriate, and registrations so obtained will not be considered. We cannot list all the possible scenarios, but we promise to act in a fair and reasonable manner.
Is not tolerated
  • Publicity
  • Email spam
  • Anything that is misleading or intrusive
  • Biographies on social media or fake accounts
  • Offer payments or incentives for using your link / referral code
  • YouTube video and channels or other platforms
  • Informational and Supporter Websites
  • Social media share
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