The leaders

Co-founders Sylvain Marcotte and Louis-Martin Jannard are joining forces, experiences and knowledge to help employers and workers in the automotive industry. Sensitive to the labor shortage that rages in this environment, they innovate in Web recruitment.

About Sylvain Marcotte

From an early age, Sylvain Marcotte showed a marked interest for the automobile and especially for people. He quickly realized that his future lay somewhere admidst these two sectors of activity. With more than 20 years of experience in car dealerships and corporate restructuring, his greatest challenge has always been to find the right candidate for the right job, a difficult and time-consuming task!

When Sylvain embarked on the adventure which would become Canada Motor Jobs, he made it imperative that the system benefit the people it was created for and simplify their lives.

About Louis-Martin Jannard

Passionate about cars, a professor at the School of Motorized Equipment Trades in Montreal, Louis-Martin Jannard, himself a 1st class certified technician, was quickly recruited by the Parity Committee of the automotive services industry in the Montréal region as manager for training and qualification services.

During this same period, he was involved in various spheres of the industry, including the Workplace Education Committee whose mission is to promote the profession and to integrate young people into the labor market.

In 2005, he co-founded, the first specialized site primarily dedicated to human resources in the automotive industry. Then in 2008, he created Casaweb Consulting, which aims to increase the visibility of its clients on the web by offering them effective and economical SEO and positioning strategies.

Our mission

Canada Motor Jobs strives to offer its user’s a recruiting site that provides an innovative and unique experience. We want to provide employers and job seekers in the automotive and related industries powerful user-friendly tools that deliver real results. Our goal is to make our algorithms work for you.


Be on the lookout for technological advancements to constantly develop tools that meet your expectations, updated to your needs.


To provide employers and job seekers with unique tools that perform better than ever before.